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Our one-stop building maintenance solutions offer services such as contract cleaning, post-construction building maintenance, high-rise building maintenance, floor care and restoration service, formaldehyde treatment, and building repainting. We also provide water tank cleaning, air conditioning duct repair & cleaning, and waterproofing services. Our team members are well trained and qualified, and we believe our service is the best of all.

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What we do?

We work in many fields related to Building Maintenance

Our goal is to provide the best quality service to our clients. Contact us right away and we are ready to serve you.

High-Rise Building Maintenance

We cover cleaning for external facades such…

High-Rise Building Maintenance

We cover cleaning for external facades such as glass window, aluminium composite, steel structure of a building.

Waterproofing Services

We provide a wide range of waterproofing…

Waterproofing Services

We provide a wide range of waterproofing solutions that deliver the best results for your unique condition and budget.

Manpower Training & Supply

We provide professional training and worker recruitment…

Manpower Training & Supply

We provide professional training and worker recruitment services from countries such as Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

Floor Care & Restoration Services

We are a professional solution provider with…

Floor Care & Restoration Services

We are a professional solution provider with trusted performance and quality products for restoration, protection and routine maintenance of stones and ceramic surfaces.

Post Construction Cleaning

Mega Jadi provides post construction cleaning for…

Post Construction Cleaning

Mega Jadi provides post construction cleaning for all types of buildings.

Contract Cleaning

Mega Jadi provides contract cleaning services to accommodate the…

Contract Cleaning

Mega Jadi provides contract cleaning services to accommodate the requirements of our clients.

We always ready to serve you. View more Services

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Satisfied Clients

No.1 Hygiene Solutions Company in Malaysia | Marble Polishing Services | Rope Access Repair Services Johor | Industrial Hygiene Services Malaysia | Rope Access Window Cleaning

Hire Megajadi Experts for Hygiene Services in Malaysia

If your surroundings are clean, you are probably living a healthy lifestyle. Most people love to have neat and clean area, but you can only achieve this by hiring a hygiene solutions company.

Megajadi offer No.1 hygiene services Malaysia. We provide 100% quality, affordable and flexible hygiene services johor in nearby areas.

With Megajadi, you do not have to worry about cleaning a messy room.

Are you looking for an affordable industrial hygiene services johor?

The Megajadi provides the best industrial hygiene services johor. So, if you need commercial washroom cleaning johor or commercial restoration services malaysia, you should contact them.

Megajadi’s primary mission is to provide you with the best professional cleaning service including FRP Watertank maintenance, Formaldehyde Treatment and guarantee 100% work satisfaction at your residence.

Hire Experts For post construction cleaning malaysia

With our comprehensive post construction cleaning Malaysia services, Megajadi has cleaned hundreds of clients’ across multiple locations.

We list of all the satisfied clients who take our services repeatedly; we are always ready to assist owners and tenants in keeping their places clean.

Megajadi offers Affordable and Cheapest commercial restoration services malaysia! Megajadi has an expert team of trained professionals who perform the work according to the schedule.

Water Tank Cleaning Services

Water tanks should be cleaned regularly to maintain good health for mankind. Water from water tanks is used for bathing, brushing, washing, and cooking.

Not having regular Water Tank Repair or cleaning the tanks at regular intervals makes it possible to compromise residents’ health. It is important to have disinfection services johor bahru that helps you in Water Tank Filter.

Hire now the best Water Tank Cleaning Services and Concrete Watertank maintenance!

Escalator Cleaning Services

The grooves on the tread area of the step are magnets for dirt. They are difficult to remove with typical cleaning products and equipment. In addition, escalators are not flat surfaces like floors or countertops; they require special cleaning products and equipment.

Contact Escalator Cleaning Services Company today!

Marble Polishing Services

Marble Polishing Services provider helps you to remove water, coffee, tea, acid, mild scratches, and other organic stains.

Hire Granite Polish Services: For floor grinding, different types of pads and grits are used on a Single Disc Machine to remove a thin layer of the stone floor.

Call now to Cement Polish Services and Floor Polish Services providers!

Abseiling Repair & Painting

In an abseiling project, excessive noise is minimized, and the number of disruptions that repairs and cleaning can cause to the environment is reduced. Regular Abseiling Repair, Abseiling Cleaning and Abseiling Painting minimize excessive noise and noise pollution by avoiding on-ground machinery.

Rope Access Repair & painting

Rope Access Repair and Rope Access Painting provides a full range of abseiling and rope access services for all of your repair, installation, and maintenance needs.

In addition, with Rope Access Window Cleaning we can assist you in ensuring compliance with Standards. We ensure long-term value for your build as a well-respected firm for height safety and rope access.

Post Construction Cleaning Services

We provide expert Post Construction Cleaning Services for business and industrial property maintenance. We specialize in High Rise maintenance for industrial operations, allowing us to reach difficult-to-reach or lofty regions of buildings and high-rise High Rise Window Cleaning structures.

Furthermore, we undergo continual training to guarantee you get the best service possible. Therefore, today is the best time to book your washroom hygiene services malaysia or hygiene services kl with us.

Window Cleaning for Commercial Glazing

Commercial High Rise Window Cleaning are available for businesses, apartments, offices, industrial settings, and more. Professional cleaners who can easily reach height spots can restore the luster to your facade and windows. In addition, we have the specialized equipment required to effectively clean large buildings and high-rise units.

Contact us for more information

If you have any queries about the house cleaning service, you may book it through the mail or give us a call. Our customer service team is standing by to assist you.

Why should you hire us for the best house cleaning near me?

  1. We can clean your home or business according to your schedule.
  2. We can pay for visits monthly, daily, or weekly, depending on the contract.
  3. We’ve worked on a variety of cleaning jobs.
  4. For cleaning, we utilize environmentally friendly products.
  5. We adopt methods that are both cost-effective and time-saving.

Advantages of Megajadi’s service:

  • Megajadi’s service can be easily booked according to your available time window. Megajadi will match you with the best cleaner for the job and provide you with the best value service that fits your budget.
  • Megajadi’s payment option is both convenient and secure.
  • If necessary, you can quickly reschedule your appointment.
  • If you have any cleaning problems, you should contact the customer care team.

Megajadi provide services to the following areas:

  1. Cleaning your commercial building and house thoroughly
  2. Floor Improvements
  3. Cleaning of upholstery and furnishings
  4. Treatment of the paint
  5. Various other bespoke services are available upon request.

Team at Megajadi

We have a staff of well-trained and experienced top house cleaning services in your area that offer cleaning assistance to our clients efficiently. They are adamant about giving it their all so that our clients are satisfied with the outcome.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all employees, visitors, and pedestrians. Our engineers and installers are unrivaled when it comes to facade design and installation and ongoing maintenance. You may count on us for abseiling services for any high-rise, commercial, or industrial building.

Our team of experts can efficiently execute the set of duties within the specified time frame. In addition, they eliminate all bacteria, making your home a healthy environment to live in.

We want to deliver our services at a reasonable cost while providing great service so that we may build a client base of happy customers.

We also provide tailored services in response to our client’s requests, saving them from various health risks.


What is the price of hygiene services kl?

The pricing of hygiene services kl depends upon the type of service you want and the area for which you are looking for the cleaning services.

How long does it take to complete the cleaning?

If you hire cleaning experts from Megajadi, you will get quick cleaning services at reasonable rates. But, our prices also depend on the type of the cleaning service and the area.

Why is Post Construction Cleaning Services necessary?

Post Construction Cleaning Services si necessary as it provides you an environment to work after complete construction. Clean surrounding enthralls your mind and fills it with calm and joy.

What is the need for Water Tank Cleaning Services?

Water tank cleaning is necessary regular basis. It is observed that water tanks should be cleaned after every three months. Cleaning of the water tank will provide you infection free water to use.

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