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Aircon Ducting Cleaning

As Malaysians, the humid weather we have all year-round is the reason why most, if not, all buildings and residential housings have air conditioners installed. The air conditioner is connected to the air vents via connection tubes, which is one of the main components that condition your indoor air. These connection tubes are well hidden from our sights to provide more space for room design to take place. However, this will lead to numerous problems as more than often the maintenance of Air Ducts and Air Conditioning Systems might be overlooked. For instance, the accumulation of dust or debris, jeopardised property due to the build-up of contamination and deterioration of duct insulation.

These air ducts serve as the ‘lungs’ and flow systems that keep the ventilation and temperature perfect for the whole building. To illustrate, the ‘health’ of a building can be affected by the condition of air ducts. All these are invisible to the human naked eye, yet it has an immediate impact on your health and productivity. Hence, it is necessary for us to understand the condition of air ducts.

●        Air ducts become contaminated with the accumulation of particulate matter

●        Air ducts become contaminated with debris or dust from construction

●        The air ducts cause foul smell

●        They discharge noticeable impurity into enclosed indoor space

●        The efficiency of air ducts is compromised due to the build-up of contamination & cause a surge in energy bills

●        The deterioration of Fiber Glass Duct Liner, Duct Board, or other porous parts.

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• Extend the Lifetime of the System – It is not a surprising fact that replacing the air duct and air conditioning system can cost a hefty sum up to thousands of Ringgits and massive aggravation. This is because these systems are the costliest machine-driven systems in your office. By getting annual inspections and regular maintenance of the systems, you can prolong the lifetime by years.

• Enhance Energy Efficiency – Uninsulated, disconnected, torn, damaged or dead-end ducts are primarily liable for that energy loss. This is because a usual air duct system will lose about 25% to 40% of the cooling energy output by the system. To avoid that, the cooling coil system in the main air conditioning unit must be cleaned regularly as it is the determining factor of the energy efficiency of a building.

• Improve Indoor Air Quality – It is important to have a healthier indoor environment for us to live or work in. Wet parts of the air duct systems are notorious breeding grounds for biological contaminants that promote poor air quality. Hence, reconditioning of the system can eliminate allergens such as dust, dander, microbial growth, and bacteria from the system.
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