Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning

We offer a vast choice of contract and expert cleaning services for commercial clients with visible, honest and high standard service. Mega Jadi has an outstanding reputation and received positive feedback from high profile clients.  

Mega Jadi provides contract cleaning services to accommodate the requirements of our clients. We support customers from the 

  • manufacturing industry
  • business/offices buildings 
  • shopping centres/shops
  • residential communities
  • public facilities 
  • entertainment clubs
  • exhibition halls/booths

We are also committed to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. 

Expert Cleaning Team

We have a well-trained cleaning team and supervisors who ensure that all cleaning work meets every customer’s best expectations and necessities. Our team has gone through a range of projects and client assistance that incredibly adds to the exclusive expectations of our service. 

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Material

All hardware and materials used by us are eco-friendly and are not hazardous to the climate or the operators as they are made by reputable manufacturers in the industry. 

Do you have Any Question?

1. Increase employees’ productivity & sales
Having a clean and hygienic working office implies that your workplace is not merely a comfortable place for staff to work in but a place to boost their productivity and bring more business to you.

2. Save time and cost
A professional contract cleaning service team saves time and cost for you. If your employees take valuable time out of their actual working hours to do the cleaning tasks, they may be distracted from their core tasks, resulting in mistakes at work. 

3. Significant for customers
An office filled with dirt and mess will interrupt and lead to low productivity among employees. Besides, an office with a clean outlook is significant for your customers. Nobody wants to welcome a potential customer or prominent visitor into a dirty office. 
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