High-Rise Building Cleaning

High-Rise Building Cleaning

Our experienced group give an on-schedule, expenditure plan and efficient solutions for any cleaning service based on your needs. 

We provide exceptional high-rise building cleaning services ranging from:

  • window cleaning
  • sunlight based board cleaning
  • pressure cleaning
  • building wash down

Guarantee services & Insurance cover

We guarantee that all cleaning works will be performed swiftly, safely and to a first-rate standard. We maintain our equipment with scheduled safety checks, and ensure that all tools are compliant with WHS standards and requirements. We are fully insured with Public Liability Insurance cover, to ensure your best interest.

We provide cleanings for:

  • External Glass and Frames
  • External Building & Building Facades
  • Dome
  • Tank Farm & Silo
  • Building Coating
  • Signboard & Billboard
  • Alucobond Surface
  • External Tiles & Roof and Ceiling

Internal / External Facade Cleaning

We cover cleaning for external facades such as glass window, aluminium composite, steel structure of a building. To ensure safety of our cleaners, they are equipped with complete set of required PPE (personal protective equipment) and a thick safety line that are compliant with IRATA and WAH (work at height) NIOSH regulation.

With usage of hand tools and machineries, we apply unconventional methods, yet most cost effective and time saving, to clean building, tower, bridge that are difficult to access even with machineries.

Abseiling Services- Exterior Building Cleaning

Mega Jadi is your one-stop solution provider for exterior building cleaning solution.

We offer:

  • high-rise window cleaning
  • glass cleaning

Abseiling Repair | Abseiling Painting | Abseiling Window Cleaning | Rope Access Repair | Rope Access Window Cleaning

Mega Jadi is Malaysia’s leading Rope Access Repair and Abseiling Repair Company. Our highly trained and qualified personnel can perform all kinds of maintenance and cleaning procedures using rope access techniques.

We specialize in Rope Access Painting Johor and Abseiling Painting Johor for various industries, such as construction, marine offshore, and oil and gas.

Advantages of Abseiling Services

• Safe and efficient means to perform high-risk tasks
• High-level maintenance, inspection, and cleaning can be done
• Reduce disruption at site level
• Reduce the potential for damage
• Faster and more cost-efficient than scaffolding

Our benefits:

Mega Jadi is a High Rise Window Cleaning Company you can always rely on for excellent service, reliability, eco-friendly cleaning, and meticulous work.

With our advanced Abseiling Window Cleaning technology, we use equipment and processes designed and developed specifically for cleaning and moving walkways.

The benefits to our customers include cleaner, continually sanitized, healthier premises, and improved safety and efficiency. We remove virtually all visible dirt and grime from steps, treads, and risers, substantially reducing slip-and-fall accidents.

24/7/365 professional cleaning services in Malaysia

With our rope access window cleaning service, a streak-free, high-shine finish will be achieved on all of your windows in buildings where this is not possible. We can also extend work platforms or ladders for facilities where this is not possible.

Contact us for details.

Marble Polishing Services | Formaldehyde Treatment | Commercial Water Tank Filter

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