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Water Tank Cleaning

Mega Jadi provides water tank cleaning services for huge water tanks to ensure clean water supply for all buildings. Mega Jadi cleaning services utilises advanced cleaning devices for efficient and quicker cleaning measures for the entire huge tank. Our water tank cleaning services give cleaning, chlorination, and purification to a wide range of water tanks. Water tank cleaning service will help delay the depleting nature of the tank divider or floor and prolong the duration until the next purchase is needed. 

We pride ourselves in providing specialised services such as robotic tank cleaning services for all reservoirs such as clear water tank, balancing tank, distribution tank, as well as cooling tower.

Water Tank Filtration System

Does your facility need an industrial-grade water filtration system?

Keep your facility running optimally with the proper, custom-engineered industrial water filtration system to ensure a clean water source.

Our centralised water filtration system complies with the industry standard, especially in backwashing efficiency, operating performance, and the optimum use of filter media filtration surface area. This machine is designed to filtrate and eliminate unwanted particles, organic and floating contaminants. Meanwhile, the combination of filter media is customisable according to the customer requirement to remove chlorine, colour, taste, odour, critical level of iron content and other contaminants.

Based on the requirements and needs of the residential units, condominiums, factory and other high-rise buildings, our centralised water filtration system is tailored to be the right solution to achieve the relevant compliance. 


Water Tank Repair Service

The method and extent of water tank repair is depend on the damage level to the water tank. Water tank leakage is usually caused by a crack or corrosion to the water tank. The water tank crack or leakage may occur when there is movement or any impact to the water tank. It could also be caused by corrosion and general deterioration over time.

The most common water tank repair measures include application of patch onto the cracked area, water tank roof plate repair and replacement, replacement of the sectional panel for cracked/leaking area, welding of the corroded area, etc.

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The water tank contains clean water for our daily use. Clean, fresh, and safe water is important to help the body remove harmful toxins. Besides, a clean water source is also essential for sanitation purposes. To ensure that, you need to perform an inspection on your water tank if you notice a brownish tinge in the water running from your taps. In this manner, you can get a clean water source, which is a fundamental step towards good health.
First, we do a thorough inspection of the tank for any abnormalities like leakage, missing cover, etc. and provide a comprehensive report to the client. Next, after placing our protective measures and safety gadgets, we enter the empty tank and remove the filthy objects or particles such as dirt, slime, and algae by scrubbing the wall surface with an approved detergent solution. We will rinse with water to remove the filthy water and scrub again with a mild detergent solution and disinfectant to eliminate bacteria. After that, we will rinse with plenty of water to remove dirty water and lastly, wipe the wall surfaces dry.

The cleanliness of your water tank is a vital factor in water hygiene. Poorly maintained and neglected tanks can be the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria such as Legionella, E. coli, Pseudomonas, etc. To prevent or control these risks, precautions should be taken to keep the system and water clean. One of the steps would be water tank cleaning and chlorination as routines for water hygiene. 

Other than hygiene, the upkeep and visual appearance of your water are crucial to compliment your building’s overall image to the visitors. Thus, ensuring that your pool or spa is maintained regularly in the correct way is the key to its prolonged lifetime. Therefore, we are making both water tank inspections and water tank cleaning as part of our services. 

We pride ourselves on keeping close monitoring of your swimming pool with our monthly cleaning services. Our employees are industry certified and trained in performing water tank cleaning and chlorination work. Regarding this, we will make sure that our water tank cleaning services will give you peace of mind about the condition of the water system in your building because it is carefully monitored. 

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Mega Jadi is a global provider of Commercial Water Tank Cleaning Services Near Me. We produce products and services for the merchant marine industry. We provide products to a distribution network covering all major ports on every continent based on our experience over many years in marine cleaning chemicals, water treatment, tank cleaning products, and other marine-related products.

Our services:

Commercial Water Tank Cleaner Commercial Water Tank Filter Commercial Water Tank Repair

Our Commitment:

All works fully certified and control logbooks provided Fully trained and directly employed staff Method Statements and Risk Assessments provided site-specific as required Training for your staff following risk assessment

Professional Water Tank Cleaning

We at Mega Jadi offer domestic and commercial customers the peace of mind of knowing that their water systems are safe, clean, and carefully monitored to ensure that they conform to legal requirements. For any questions or more information about our water tank cleaning services, please feel free to contact us, and one of our advisors will be happy to assist you.

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