High-Rise Building Maintenance

High-Rise Building Maintenance

We provide a range of services to sustain high-rise building structures. From commercial skyscrapers to single landing private residences and everything in between, we are here to help. We incorporate abseiling services, raised stage and high-pressure water to take care of post frameworks.

We provide exceptional high-rise building maintenance services ranging from:

  • painting
  • signage removal and installation
  • frameworks & repairing work

We specialize in providing High-Rise Rope Access maintenance solutions by utilizing the safest and most cost-effective method instead of conventional scaffolding and mechanical platform solutions.

Certified Rope User

Mega Jadi Hygiene Solutions is one of the recognized and certified early rope access user in the industry of building refurbishment. We are experts in providing specialist solutions to challenging tasks that are complicated due to high and less accessible locations in a building.

Abseiling Maintenance – Machinery or Crane

We provide repairing/installation/maintenance for any decoration that is inaccessible by any machinery or crane. Rope Access Technicians are able to get the job done precisely and accurately even in time and space constraints situation.

Our highly professional technicians and industry experts are competent in all aspects of rope access techniques. This enables us to give a tailored-made solution for various type of building refurbishment work such as external façade silicone / sealant work, external painting, wall waterproofing, wall crack repair, lighting & signboard installation, etc.

Mega Jadi is an exceptionally experienced group, where we aim to deliver excellent building maintenance solutions with the most cost-effective way. Call or email us today for a free quote! 

Permanent Surface Damage

Modern building material technology has been applied to ensure a long-term durability of the facades. However, the appearance of the building is greatly affected by the adhesion of dust and fumes in the air, the effect of microbial weathering and the chemical and physical reactions caused by various gases and foreign substances. If frequent maintenance measures are not taken, permanent damage of the materials may occur, while also affecting the buildings’ aesthetic.

Causes of Facade Contamination:

  1. Sun’s UV rays

UV rays and other extremely harmful rays from the Sun and the different temperature between the season causes the surface materials of a building to deteriorate, lose their shininess and become vulnerable to pollution.

  1. Wind and rain

Strong winds and heavy rain cause erosion and damage to the building’s surface materials. In a tropical country like Malaysia, we are facing with abundant rain and strong winds throughout the year. The higher the altitude, the windier it gets, and this wind carries dust and sand, and increases the risk of dirt on the facade.

  1. Acid rain

Excessive emissions of vehicle fumes and industrial waste gases increase nitrogen oxides and Sulfur dioxide in the air, generating acid rain, which causes strong erosion on the exterior of buildings and produces rust spots.

  1. Hideous marks

Flying insects, bird remains, droppings, and dirt running down from the roof with rainwater also leave hideous marks on the surface.

Abseiling Repair | Abseiling Painting | Abseiling Window Cleaning | Rope Access Repair | Rope Access Window Cleaning

Mega Jadi is Malaysia’s leading Rope Access Repair and Abseiling Repair Company. Our highly trained and qualified personnel can perform all kinds of maintenance and cleaning procedures using rope access techniques.

We specialize in Rope Access Painting Johor and Abseiling Painting Johor for various industries, such as construction, marine offshore, and oil and gas.

Advantages of Abseiling Services

• Safe and efficient means to perform high-risk tasks
• High-level maintenance, inspection, and cleaning can be done
• Reduce disruption at site level
• Reduce the potential for damage
• Faster and more cost-efficient than scaffolding

Our benefits:

Mega Jadi is a High Rise Window Cleaning Company you can always rely on for excellent service, reliability, eco-friendly cleaning, and meticulous work.

With our advanced Abseiling Window Cleaning technology, we use equipment and processes designed and developed specifically for cleaning and moving walkways.

The benefits to our customers include cleaner, continually sanitized, healthier premises, and improved safety and efficiency. We remove virtually all visible dirt and grime from steps, treads, and risers, substantially reducing slip-and-fall accidents.

24/7/365 professional cleaning services in Malaysia

With our rope access window cleaning service, a streak-free, high-shine finish will be achieved on all of your windows in buildings where this is not possible. We can also extend work platforms or ladders for facilities where this is not possible.

Contact us for details.

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