Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets are a form of flooring art, but do you know that cleaning a carpet needs more than just a regular vacuum? There is a reason behind the poor air quality in your workplace or home, even with a regular carpet cleaning. Vacuuming alone is not enough, as it only removes some dust on the surface  while dust, bacteria and tiny air-borne particles will build up in the carpets. 

Mega Jadi is a professional and reliable carpet cleaning service provider that helps to discover the best cleaning solution for your carpets. Being at the top of the game in the industry, we are keenly aware of carpet cleaning methods for your tailored needs. 

We understand the outlook of your home or office is the first impression that you exhibit to your customers. Hence, your floor covering is a major investment to show your identity and credibility as an individual or organisation. In light of this, we specialise in upholstery cleaning services that will maintain the hygiene and pristine outlook of your office furniture such as boardroom chairs, office chairs and privacy screens. 

We provide:

Wall-to-wall carpet cleaning for residential and commercial premises
Flooding and water damage restoration
Carpet protector application
Antimicrobial carpet treatments
Onsite and offsite carpet cleaning
Anti-dust mites treatment

The Benefits of Engaging a Professional Carpet Cleaning

The benefits of cleaning a carpet is more than just a clean looking room. To elucidate the other benefits better, it is best if you get the carpet cleaned by a specialist. Our cleaning equipment and commercial cleaning products used, as well as our cleaning experts are always efficient to reinstate your carpet back to near new condition. The first thing that you will notice is an improved air quality that will directly affect your health. We used a hot water extraction technique to achieve the best results, making sure that the fibres are free of dirt and stains. The deep cleaning method introduced by a professional carpet cleaner is the only way to remove any foul smell. Eventually, it helps to remove any odour that usually comes from within the carpet. Besides, by engaging with our professional carpet cleaning provider, we can help you to remove tough stains such as ink, coffee spills, dirt, mud, wind and pet stains.  

Do you have Any Question?

In order to improve the indoor air quality and ambience of your home or office, the best option is getting your carpet cleaned regularly and professionally. The risks of not getting your carpet cleaned properly would be a faster carpet disintegration. All the crumb, dirt, residue, and dead skin cells that are collected in your floor covering each day should be considered regularly. In the event of not cleaning your carpet routinely, all of that will be stored deeply in the carpet. Even if you vacuum your floor coverings diligently, germs at present will pile up and this could be a health hazard. Not only that, more dirt will be loaded within the carpet if cleaning is not done properly.
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