Floor Care & Restoration Services

Floor Care & Restoration Services

Your ceramic tiles are not as pretty as they used to anymore? Mega Jadi is your preferred choice to turn that around. We are a professional solution provider with trusted performance and quality products for restoration, protection and routine maintenance of stones and ceramic surfaces. Equipped with your firm belief in us, we can restore your ceramic tile to its previous shine!

Floorcare helps you to maintain beauty and improve the existing surfaces of your floor. However, in the case of floor condition not responding to maintenance, floor restoration is required to be done. The process of restoration is to remove deep scratches and followed by repolishing. Floor restoration adds shine and beautifies the floor, making it easier to clean and protect the floor. In the long run, it can lower the overall care and repair cost.  

We have various methods for your problems related to stone surfaces, such as Epoxy Sealing, Polishing, Grinding and more.

Looking for a flooring repair company with high service standards and fully qualified staff? You have come to the right place! With our coordinated system, we are here to give the best solution to our clients.  

Marble Polish

Marble is one great option for flooring, countertops and other decorative accents in residential houses or commercial properties. Marble floor polishing helps your flooring from being soiled thus achieving its natural, reflective qualities. 

Marble polishing reduces soiling, eliminates the need for restoration, removes all scratches and scuffs, and restores the surface to its original, vibrant colouring.

When a professional team does your marble polishing, your marble floors will not have to be resealed, which is a process that protects against staining.

There is a vast range of marble types, and each type requires different care. Our marble polishing experts can identify which kind of marble you have and provide the best polishing solutions.

Common Problems

  • Stained by carbonated drinks, sauce, acidic juice drinks
  • Strong chemical or detergents contamination
  • Uneven floor finishing due to daily wear and tear
  • Dullness due to lack of customary maintenance
  • Scratches
  • Broken or chipped marble
  • Marble crack, hole, and veins

Marble Repair & Floorcare

All these can be restored by grinding using diamond pads and marble compounds. For instance, marble epoxy sealer is one of the common methods used to reduce the visibility of the hole, cracks, and veins. Marble floor that is treated with epoxy sealer looks smoother and glossier than with just standard polishing.

Granite Polish

The steps of granite floor cleaning involve the initial assessment of the wear and tear degree, contamination, and desired appearance. On that account, the process is slightly more complicated than the required process for other stones such as marble, limestone, etc. Even though the granite floor has deteriorated over time and use, it is still possible to fully restore its original radiance and beauty. 

Mega Jadi provides you with the best solution for your home’s granite floor to your satisfaction. Contact us to know more about granite floor maintenance. 

Granite is a durable substance used massively for hard surfaces globally. It is commonly used in hospitality industries, residential complexes, shopping malls, etc because of its durability. Its reliability and sturdiness have made it a favourite to most flooring buildings.  To secure the radiance of granite flooring, a proper method of preservation must be applied. We use the grinding process to maintain its glossy and beautiful appearance.  If you are looking for a long-lasting shiny granite flooring, our granite polishing services is the best solution for you. Not only that, but granite flooring also requires more grinding cycles as compared to marble floors. In this regard, highly functional grinding machines and tools are utilized for flattening, levelling, removal of dust, elimination of deep scratches and stains, as well as waxing process to achieve remarkable results on restoration. Based on our experience, this is the most effective restoration method for an exceptional result.

Make your granite floor covering lustier, no matter how tough the wear and tear is.  A thin layer of transparent epoxy can be applied for better protection and that could keep your granite floor shining for many more years.

Terrazzo Polish

Terrazzo is a composite material that consists of marble, quartz, granite, or glass chips bent in concrete or epoxy resin. Terrazzo flooring can be restored repeatedly for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Even century-old terrazzo floors can be refinished to their original brilliance with minor floor repairs, refinishing and polishing.

For most cases, the old terrazzo floor always appears to have medium-size holes or is chipped on the cement base layer. Thus, it will affect the smoothness and evenness of the floor.  The holes need to be repaired and filled during the polishing process to restore the smoothness and evenness.

After some time, the cement base layer on the terrazzo floor will become rough and sandy. Terrazzo floors can be restored to their smoothness and glossiness with the grinding and polishing process. 

As it is penetrable, dirt will be absorbed into the stone easily if spills like acidic food juice and strong chemicals are not treated immediately. For more details about terrazzo polish, feel free to contact Mega Jadi. We provide the best solution for your home’s terrazzo floor.

Cement Polish / Concrete Polish 

Cement floors or concrete floors can take much wear and tear over the years, and this will cause the work environment to be unsafe and inconvenient for work. Standard cleaning methods may make it worse. Due to its nature, concrete floors cannot be cleaned with ordinary methods. As a safer option, you can opt to polishing treatment that helps to clean your environment and protect your floor so that it may last longer.

Polished concrete floors have become the preferred choice in modern retail office spaces, distribution centres, and warehouses. Today, polished flooring is considered a highly durable as well as cost-effective flooring solution.

– Highly durable as well as a cost-effective flooring solution.

– Clean and smooth surface that is free of peeling and scratches

– Enhances light reflectivity 

– Reduces the accumulation of waste

– Long-lasting.

– Easy to clean

– Low maintenance, can be repolished at a minimum cost. 

Do you have Any Question?

We strive to reach our clients' exclusive requirements by bringing our expertise to your table for every job we do. We care and attention to ensure the floor maintenance is done to the minor details. Along with that, we guarantee that you will be happy and satisfied with the outcome you need for your office or home, within the budget you set in your financial plan. As the trusted provider for floor maintenance, we welcome you to experience our exceptional craftsmanship of our service.
Floorcare and restoration help you to leave a good impression on your visitors and guests. Reviews have shown that the floor's cleanliness in an office influences individuals' views of that office. Indeed, in a retail location study, 86% of clients stated that they would not revisit a store if they thought the floors were dirty. Apart from the ambience that it could give, it also helps ensure that you have a safe environment. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your facility’s floors reduce certain risks. This is because the dirt, liquids and uneven surface on floors may create hazards that put everyone at risk for costly accidents.  

A clean floor is indeed important for a beautiful and safe environment! After an extended period, it is to be noted that stone surfaces are prone to distinct scratches, dullness, or discolouring. Worry not, we can solve your troubles by grinding and polishing them to ensure that they look good as new.

Marble Polishing Services | Granite Polish Services | Cement Polish Services

We specialize in cleaning, maintaining, and restoring various types of flooring. Your business will be reflected in the cleanliness and appearance of the environment around it. Our services include Marble Polishing Services, Granite Polish Services, and Cement Polish Services. You can rely on us to keep your flooring looking great at all times.

We care about your inquiry and concern

Our customers receive superior customer service, quality craftsmanship, and knowledge that only professionals can provide. We recognize the investment you have made and will work with you to ensure that it will maintain its natural beauty over the years.

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The key benefit of hiring a cleaning servicing company is keeping everything within budget. Our professionals will offer you our professional opinion based on your needs and within your budget. As a result, our prices are fair, and you’ll always know what to expect from the beginning of your project. We are experts at cleaning stone floors and restoring them as well.

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