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About Mega Jadi

About us

Established in 2009, Mega Jadi is Malaysia-based Company, that provide a wide range of building maintenance services, such as;

  1. High-Rise Building Maintenance
  2. High-Rise Building Cleaning
  3. Floor Care & Restoration Services
  4. Post Construction Cleaning
  5. Contract Cleaning
  6. Building Repainting and etc.

We have over 10 years of experience delivering excellent building maintenance services. Our all-in-one Building Maintenance Solution is your most dependable service provider. In addition to services, we offer professional building maintenance consultancy. All of our consultations will be tailored to our clients’ specific requirements and budget.

Our Mission and Vision

We make places shine

We are devoted to collaborate with you to provide the best building maintenance solutions.
Our Purpose
Company Mission
Our Vision
Our Values
Our Greatest Assets
Our Purpose
Inspire team members to achieve service excellence and provide effective solutions. Deeply devoted to providing services that are sustainable, hygienic, and safe for our community.
Company Mission
  • To cultivate a hygienic, sustainable and safe environment for our community.
  • To give efficient solutions to our clients by joining hands with experienced consultants.
  • To become an excellent platform for working as a team.
  • To ensure appropriate workplace etiquette and be unbiased toward our teams and clients.
Our Vision
To be trusted facility and building maintenance specialist.
Our Values
  1. Keep Learning
    A core element of successful business is a culture of humility and the desire for ongoing learning.
  2. Mutual Commitment
    We practice active listening to ensure efficient communication with our teams and clients, so that we can support and help each other to deliver the solutions and achieve the end-goal.
  3. Result-Oriented
    We encourage strategic thinking, decision making and prioritizing end results over process to ensure that our clients always receive the best standards.
  4. Quality
    Prioritize quality over quantity. Thus, setting the highest standards to maintain exclusive goods and service delivery.
  5. Integrity & Professionalism
    We gain our clients’ trust by keeping our promises and taking accountability for any solution that we take.
  6. Equality
    We treat everyone’s – our teams and clients’ – opinions and views with respect. We believe everyone should be given chances to be heard, valued, and given the resources they require to succeed.
Our Greatest Assets
Our company’s greatest asset is our people. We prioritize our excellence by training the best human capital and satisfying our clients by providing an excellent maintenance service in a sustainable way. Perfectionism is our endless goal that we believe we can achieve through continuous learning. We invest in the latest technology to ensure we live up to our clients’ current expectations.
Team Members

We have a expert team to serve you.

We love what we do and we do it with passion. 

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