Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing Services

We provide a wide range of waterproofing solutions that deliver the best results for your unique condition and budget, ranging from chemical injection systems to localized spot repair systems, concealed waterproofing systems, exposed waterproofing systems, etc.

Extreme weather, such as scorching sun, heavy and acid rain, increases the risk of being flooded and leaking water on your roof and balcony. Long-term disregarding of this situation will only make it worse and cause water to seep into deeper layers of the concrete wall, damaging and corroding the building’s structure.

24hrs non-toxic waterproofing fix that works without hacking!

The cost of our waterproofing solutions is comparable to the level of service we offer. The fixing methods wouldn’t leave any debris and are odor-free since they are hassle-free, dust-free, and do not involve hacking.

Our proven solution does not necessitate intricate steps, hacking, or chemical injections into floors, walls, and ceilings. Alternately, we apply a thin protective membrane coating that prevent penetrates of water deep into the layers!

Your One-Stop Waterproofing Experts!

Providing great on-site services to homes and commercial buildings in need of a guaranteed leak repair. Because of our no-hacking procedures, our clients highly suggest our waterproofing solution, which has been confirmed effective by SIRIM.

Solution for Hospital-Grade Waterproofing in Homes, Businesses, and Care Facilities

The Ministry of Health fully trust the waterproof membrane and no-hacking solutions we employ to solve water leakage concerns. Our hassle-free and disciplined onsite SOP keeps the calm in your home, workplace, or care facility. We make certain that the premises looks as good as new once our application and correction work is done.

Waterproof Membrane:

Our solutions essentially produce unique water-repellent materials using membrane waterproofing. Our waterproof membrane solution offers the most superior alternative for high-grade protection in the waterproofing and property protection industries at a reasonable price.


How it’s work?

Advanced yet minimum alteration is possible due to waterproofing membrane technology. It is an easier and more subtle solution to frequent issues that faced by many homeowners and commercial building owners. This problem could be solved with the help of our unique solution, a membrane waterproofing that protection and repel water on surfaces made of wood, cement, plaster, and other materials.

Effectiveness, a longer lifespan for your building surface, and no discernible alternations to the materials’ originality and appearance, are all guaranteed by our membrane waterproofing technique.

Officially Recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia

Many public and private hospitals, care facilities, and other commercial buildings have benefited from our membrane waterproofing solution. Our no-hacking techniques ensure that business as usual is maintained.

UV resistant & long lasting

Surfaces modified with Membrane Waterproofing solution are resistant to degradation, mechanical wear, and abrasion. These surfaces are also less susceptible to UV radiation damage from the Sun and do not change into yellow with time. These elements shows the covered surfaces display long-lasting resistance to diverse weathering and human-caused damages.

Waterproofing Concrete Flat Roofs – For Homes and Buildings

It is essential to know how the flat was built, to identify the best waterproofing solutions for it.

There’re many advantages around flat roof. One of them that is it has extra spacious for other extra utilities, such as water tanks, pumps, antennas, motor rooms, and many more. However, there is still some disadvantages of having a flat roof, one of the common problem is water leakage issues. And due to it government buildings are not allowed to build flat roofs. It is important to identify the suitable waterproofing method for the flat roofs of a house or commercial buildings.

Everyone should understand the basic construction procedures of a flat roof:-

  1. Flat roof base is constructed with concrete slabs.
  2. After constructing the base, the waterproofing and heat insulation materials will be installed on top of the concrete slabs.
  3. Later, a layer of cement screed with the thickness of 5cm applied over the materials as a protection layer from extreme weathers in Malaysia.
  4. At last, the control joints on cement screed will be cut off, and it will be sealed with sealant or elastic bitumen to guard against cracks.
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