Cleanroom Cleaning

Cleanroom Cleaning

We offer a variety of cleanroom cleaning services that are accessible and affordable. We have a wide range of cleanroom cleaning supplies, including, scrub pads, cleaners’ shoes, mops and buckets, alcohol, and cleanroom wipes. Our years of experience will allow us to be there at your convenience. Our experts will listens to your requests and won’t let you down. We strive for excellence while adhering to the industry standards. It is a deep, stain-free cleaning that caters to your health and hygiene.

During the creation and implementation of your custom cleaning strategy, the differences and uniqueness of the environment is always in our mind. Working together to build a program that checks the requirements that matches your business standards. Our expertise includes micro-cleaning ISO 3/Grade A through ISO 9/Grade D along with other controlled and non-controlled environments.

We ensure the environment is safe and clean, as our service team always complies with the industry’s highest regulations. Our critical environment cleaning experts have industry-leading qualifications.

International Organization for Standardization guidelines reflect our commitment to continuous process improvements, such as ISO 900:2015 certification. We offer broad decontamination services, such as, micro cleaning, critical environment sterilization, contamination control, and microbial environmental testing.

Creating customizable plans for contaminated cleanrooms, controlled environments, and related spaces where non-controlled environments exist, our cleanroom solutions include:

  • Selecting and utilizing sustainable chemicals that ensure your cleanrooms are free of microbial contaminants.
  • Implementing applications with sterile equipment, filtration systems, and the latest energy-efficient cleaning technologies.
  • Micro-cleaning that addresses detailed procedures for delicate equipment, systems, and project areas.
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