Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel electric generation process

Numerous solar modules made of solar cells that are connected together and put in a frame to form solar arrays. Solar cells are made of semiconductor material (silicon). It consists of; a positive and negative side. When sunlight hits the solar cell, it excites the electrons in semiconductor materials, which then capture the electrons as electric energy.

Main Source of Dirt

Common Solar Panel Blocker –dust (pollutants), leaves, bird droppings, water accumulation.

  • Dust is the common problem faced by every solar panel owner. However, it depends on where you stay, whether it’s industrial area or remote area. A little dust wouldn’t effect much in short time, as rain water will wash down eventually.
  • Leaves and branches as a solar panel blocker caused the solar panel to become less effective compare to dust. Leaves will easily pile up and have a larger surface area, and might cover bigger area than dust does.
  • Solar panels underside is the popular place for pigeons nesting. The common problems faced by solar panel owner in this case are nesting, droppings and pecking at the wiring. This will be destructive for both, the pigeons and the solar panel system.


Especially in locations with low dust, cleaning solar panels twice a year ensures greater efficiency and also is cost saving. Quarterly cleaning is strongly recommended if the location of the solar panels are close to an industrial or urban area.

Did you realize? The efficiency of a filthy solar panel can be reduced by 18%. While you could reduce your power bill by just cleaning your solar panel!

First, solar panel depends on sunlight to generate electricity. To keep the panels to produce energy sufficiently is to always make sure the panels are clean and debris-free. A little dust, dirt and sand, are less to be concerned as it will be wash down by rain water. Angled panel keep the rain water running. However, flat panels need more upkeep because water can accumulate and leave muddy residues when it evaporates.

The good news is, Malaysia is located near to equator line, so we will experience copious rainfall throughout the year, as this cleaning job keep in check by our favorable climate.

For you to get a professional cleaning experience, you can call us whenever you feel the job need to be done. We are ready to assist and book a schedule for you according to your convenient timetable. You may rest assured that everything else will be done by our experts with no damage caused to the solar panel glass, and left the solar panels sparkling, spotless and prepared to produce those kilowatts.

Our specialties:

  • Skilled & certified service team; our highly skilled and qualified personnel can clean solar panels thoroughly and delicately.
  • Fully equipped with proper safety gears; our service team are trained to use recognized and safe rope access techniques to work at height.
  • Use suitable chemicals and cleaning materials; rough cleaning materials can damage and degrades the panels by adding buildups/scratches. This may affects the panels’ ability to capture sunlight, by casting shadow over the solar cells. While, harsh chemicals can damage the anti-reflective coating on the panels.
  • High quality service provider; we focus on delivering cleaning excellence with the most cost-effective methods.

Time taken for the professional to clean the solar panels on the roof?

It will approximately take around 10 minutes per panel, however the time may vary depending on how steep the roof is and the number of the panels on the roof.

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