Manpower Training & Supply

Training and manpower supply

We provide professional training and worker recruitment services from countries such as Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. Our aim is to give reliable solutions for manpower supply and management to strengthen clients’ workforce by giving them full satisfaction through recruiting and/or outsourcing well-trained manpower supply according to their requirements. We also offer recruitment, quota approvals, check out memos, special passes, renewal and other foreign labor consultation services.

Industries with which we collaborate:-

  • Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Hotel & Resort
  • AirBNB
  • F&B

Training courses for foreign workers

  • Make sure the foreign worker communicate in English/Malay during working at workplace in Malaysia.
  • Introduce Malaysia culture to foreign workers.
  • Educate Malaysia Laws and their rights as foreign workers in Malaysia
  • Educate and create awareness for the problem related and faced by female foreign workers and their solutions.
  • Company introduction and schedule orientation.
  • Train and educate them about their roles, duties, and responsibilities in Malaysia.
  • Educate the foreign workers about Malaysian Police and Immigration Department Enforcement Action.
  • Educate the foreign workers about the Contract Agreement and PLKS Renewal.
  • Create awareness regarding foreign workers’ problems and misunderstanding issues faced during working in Malaysia.
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