Month: January 2024

Essential Guide for Efficient Cleanroom Cleaning Procedures

What Is Cleanroom Cleaning? The act of keeping a regulated space with incredibly low concentrations of airborne particles, toxins, and pollutants is known as “cleanroom cleaning.” In several industries, including biotechnology, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and healthcare, even small particles can have a negative impact on the quality of processes or products. For this reason, […]
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The Art of Preservation: Alucobond Maintenance Essentials

HOW DOES ALUCOBOND MAINTENANCE WORK? Alucobond surface coating systems to last longer for many years, they need to be cleaned frequently with water and mild detergents. The amount of care needed for Alucobond panels will depend on where they are placed on a building. For architectural constructions made of Alucobond composite material to remain functional, […]
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