Cleaning Tips

Solar Panels Cleaning Tips

Alternative solutions of keeping solar panels clean and efficient rather than frequent cleaning. • Special coating for glass to repel dust and reduce soiling. • Cleaning using robotic device (using soft brushes and air blowers), which will be done at night without using water. • Install special tool to estimate dirt level-helps to monitor the amount of dirt built-up.
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Sofa Maintenance & Cleaning

There must be one indispensable piece of furniture in your home that is the “sofa”. Whether working, relaxing, having fun, or chatting, it play a very important role in our life. Life is like a soul without a sofa; it is an indispensable good partner who is always with you and me.
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Toilet Cleaning Tips

The toilet or bathroom is a place we must use every day, and it is also a place that needs to be comfortable and relaxing, it must be clean. If the toilet is not clean, you also feel uncomfortable, am I right? But cleaning is the most headache part, there are so many cleaning brands or products you will know in the marketplace, also doesn’t know that which products you want to buy. So I will share some cleaning tips with you guys, use some items that are usually readily available at home, with simple steps, to refresh your toilet and bathroom.
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Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The kitchen is often a place where people who like to cook often to stay. Even if you clean surface after cooking every day, there will still be a heavy smell of oily smoke and stubborn grease. So how to create a clean and tidy kitchen? Here have some tips share with you, and help you to clean your kitchen. 
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