Essential Guide for Efficient Cleanroom Cleaning Procedures

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What Is Cleanroom Cleaning?

The act of keeping a regulated space with incredibly low concentrations of airborne particles, toxins, and pollutants is known as “cleanroom cleaning.” In several industries, including biotechnology, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and healthcare, even small particles can have a negative impact on the quality of processes or products. For this reason, cleanrooms are crucial. In order to maintain the sterility and cleanliness of the controlled environment, cleanroom cleaning entails following certain processes and practices. Important components of cleaning in a cleanroom are:

Regular Cleaning Routines: It is essential to set up and follow a regular cleaning programme. The cleanroom class’s unique standards for cleanliness determine how often a cleaning is required.

Use of Appropriate Cleaning Agents: Selecting the best cleaning agents is crucial for avoiding contamination and preserving the cleanroom’s integrity. Cleaning agents must be compatible with cleanroom supplies, non-shedding, and minimal particulate formation.

Proper Gowning and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): To avoid introducing pollutants from human sources, cleanroom personnel must adhere to precise gowning protocols, which include wearing the proper PPE.

Our service team consistently complies with the highest standards in the business, so we can guarantee a clean and safe atmosphere. Our cleaning specialists for critical environments has top-tier credentials in the industry.


Q1: What Are The Cleanroom Cleanliness Standards?

The ISO 1 specification for cleanrooms require less than 2 particles greater than 0.3 microns and no particles greater than 1.0 microns per cubic meter. The ISO 2 specification for cleanrooms requires less than 11 particles greater than 0.3 microns and no particles greater than 1.0 microns per cubic meter.

Q2: How Often Should You Clean A Cleanroom?

Wipe down every work space at the end of each shift. Cleanrooms with higher standards should experience this more frequently. In order to stop further contamination, store goods and supplies in between shifts.
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