Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The kitchen is often a place where people who like to cook often to stay. Even if you clean surface after cooking every day, there will still be a heavy smell of oily smoke and stubborn grease. So how to create a clean and tidy kitchen? Here have some tips share with you, and help you to clean your kitchen. 


1. Kitchen tiles

Kitchen tiles are a material that is easy to clean, but inside the kitchen always covered a layer of heavy grease on the tiles and it’s make people headache a lot. When you clean your tiles, you can use some detergent spray on the toilet paper and put on the tiles. After a while, most of the grease will float up. Tear off the toilet paper after 10 minutes, use cloth with some clean water to wipe it and done.

2. Chopping board

Chopping board is the place for bacteria to grow, so raw and cooked should be separated, meat and vegetables also need to separate as well. When cleaning the chopping board, need to put a layer of tissue paper on the chopping board, mix with vinegar and warm water and pour on the tissue paper, remove the tissue paper after 5~10 minutes, use clean water to wash it. It can remove the dirt, remove peculiar smell and also have the effect of sterilization.


3. Kitchenware

Mix with the water and baking soda, put on the cloth and wiring dry, it can clean the stoves, ovens, thermos bottle, water tape and other places. Or you can use soft cloth with small amount of toothpaste and wipe repeatedly to restore the surface gloss.


4. Stainless steel kitchenware

A lot of people choose to use steel wire to scrub, but it will easily cause scratches on the surface. If you use a dishwashing sponge to wash also can’t able to smoothly remove the dirt. You can use the leftover carrots or cucumber with the detergent to wash, after that use clean water to clean it. You can use vinegar to clean your stuff as well.


5. Range hood

The range hood is a necessary facility for every household, especially for condominium, but really don’t know where to start cleaning. Sometime the detergents will inevitably damage on your skin. Right now I show you some ways you can use it from your house. Mixing the baking soda and vinegar with 1:1 ratio and add on some clean water become mixture. First spray hot water in the range hood slot, don’t forget to put a layer of paper under the range hood to avoid dripping oil and water, after that switch on your range hood and spray your mixture, wait for one hour to let the oily grease to drain by itself, use your brush with your mixture and brush your range hood slot, in the end use clean cloth to wipe it and done. Below the range hood have one plastic plate, you can soaked it inside the mixture, and the grease will easily to remove after waiting for 1 hour.

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