Rust removal method

Tiles rust removal method

If iron items such as razors or cans are stored for a long time, they are likely to leave rust spots on tiles, kitchen countertops, bathroom floors and other places, forming unsightly stains.

Fujiwara Chiaki, a Japanese House Cleaning expert, said that hairpins, metal scrapers, iron cans, and other iron or steel items placed in wet places such as in bathrooms sometimes cause the iron items to react with high humidity (excessive water vapors) and oxygen to form an oxidation reaction (rusting). The oxidation of iron, which causes it to become flaky and weak, can easily form rust spots on the floor, sinks, and shelves. There are several ways to reduce the effect of rust, such as:

  1. Toothpaste

On the surface of rust spots that are not deeply permeated in the layer of the surface, you can simply apply toothpaste, then follow by scrubbing just by using your fingers. In addition, because the raw materials of toothpaste are quite safe, there wouldn’t be any damaged caused by any harsh chemicals on the surface of the affected area.


  1. Vinegar + baking soda

Although toothpaste is harmless, it is helpless of more stubborn or substantial rust stains, such as those on resin bathtubs or sinks built of faux stone, which may be harmed by aggressive brushing. Here, the use of vinegar and baking soda is advised to get rid of obstinate stains. First, mix well the vinegar and baking soda in ratio of 1:2, 1 tablespoon of baking soda matched with 2 tablespoons of vinegar, then apply it on the rust stains, and followed by slowly wipe off using a sponge. There you are! A stainless surface.


  1. Toilet cleaner

Typically, these are the commonly used cleaners in the home that can also remove the stiff marks. The method is very easy to use; you simply need to wet the tile surface with clean water, pour the cleaner on the stain for a while, wipe the stains on the tiles with steel wool, and then clean it with clean water.


  1. Lemon

Lemons are fruit that can easily found in our kitchen; if you have a fresh lemon at home, slice it open, squeeze the juice over the spots on the bathroom floor tiles, wipe the tiles with steel wool, and then wash them in soapy water.


  1. Professional team

Assuming that you have no time to deal with these markings, you may want to seek out a professional who has the right equipment and skills to help you solve this problem in a reasonable amount of time with professional service.

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