Sofa Maintenance & Cleaning

There must be one indispensable piece of furniture in your home that is the “sofa”. Whether working, relaxing, having fun, or chatting, it play a very important role in our life. Life is like a soul without a sofa; it is an indispensable good partner who is always with you and me.

How to effectively clean the sofa at home

1. Clean the sofa surface

Use a dry soft cloth, sticking rollers, or a mite-removing vacuum cleaner the hair and dusty environment of the outer layer and crevices.


2. The liquid penetrates into the sofa fabric

If you accidentally knock over the stains of beverages or coffee, you should immediately dip a towel in warm water to suck the stains out of the cloth surface to prevent the stains from being eaten into the fabric fibers.


3. Baking soda to remove stains.

Sofas are the same as clothes. They are more likely to produce peculiar smells after using them for a long time. You can evenly sprinkle baking soda on the surface of the sofa, wait for 10-20 minutes, and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean it up. Deodorization and decontamination can be achieved.


4. Professional home cleaning

If you don’t have time to clean up, you can ask someone to call to help you clean your sofa at a professional level. Of course, it will get charged for that.



How to maintain your sofa

1. Avoid stepping on the sofa

With the use of the sofa, avoid dents. If you deliberately step on it, it will accelerate the shortening of the life of the sofa. The fabric of the sofa will no longer be soft, and the leather sofa will even cause the leather to crack. Therefore, a good sitting posture to avoid children jumping on the sofa is also a good daily maintenance method for the sofa.


2. Apply leather care oil

Use a clean rag or sponge to moisten the sofa with a special oil for maintenance. This can maintain the luster of the leather and form a protective layer to prevent dirt from entering the interior of the sofa. It is recommended to leave it for one day after application, and use it after the maintenance oil is fully absorbed by the leather. Before finally using the sofa, don’t forget to wipe the sofa again with a dry cloth to avoid the excess maintenance oil from staining the clothes.


3. Avoid strong sunlight

Regardless of whether the leather sofa or the cloth sofa cover is cleaned, avoid exposure to the sun to prevent the bright colors from becoming dim. This is the same as the sofa that is placed by the window is easy to fade.


4. Avoid being prone to mildew near the wall

The sofa should be avoided against the wall because the sofa directly touches the wall paint, which will easily lead to the lack of air circulation, and the sofa is prone to mold. It is recommended that the sofa and the wall should maintain a gap of 3 cm.

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