What Steps Are Included In Water Tank Cleaning Service?

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Many people think that tank water can be drunk because rainwater from the sky is purer than that from a tank.

Indeed, rainwater itself does not contain any chemicals or other additives that can be found in our drinking water. Nevertheless, you do have to keep your rainwater tank clean regularly if you want to ensure that the Water Tank Cleaning Services you use is of the highest quality.

6 Steps Of Water Tank Cleaning Service

Step 1: Mechanized De-watering

A mechanical dewatering process begins with cleaning the manhole and surrounding area of the water tank of dirt, mud, and algae, as this is the first step of the full process. Using special dewatering equipment, the water below the foot-valve level is pumped out of the factory using a vacuum pump.

Step 2: Removal of Sludge

This is the second stage of the sludge removal process, which involves settling the sludge on the ground. Using our special equipment for sludge pumping, the sludge is pumped out of the system.

Step 3: Cleaning with High-Pressure Water

It is necessary to thoroughly clean the walls and ceiling of the tanks as part of the Third Stage of High-Pressure Cleaning. This involves using special high-pressure jet cleaners on the walls to remove calculations, algae, and any other contaminants on the walls.

Step 4: Cleaning with Vacuum

An industrial vacuum cleaner is used at the fourth stage of the sludge removal process to remove the contaminants responsible for making the tank sludge sludge-free.

Step 5: Anti-bacterial Spray

With the help of specially developed antibacterial agents, the walls and ceilings of the house can be completely sterile against bacterial attack in the Fifth Stage of the antibacterial process.

Step 6: UV Radiation

Final sterilization and disinfection are done by applying ultraviolet radiation, which is uniquely developed by a specially designed UV Radiator to kill any bacteria that may still be floating in the tank at the end of the Sixth Stage of the process.


What is the price of a Water Tank Cleaning Service?

The cost of a Water Tank Cleaning Service is approximately $200-300. With this, the cost of service may vary as per the size of the tank and extra maintenance services.

Who is the top Water Tank Cleaning Service provider?

Megajadi is one of the best Water Tank Cleaning Service providers in Malaysia. You can contact visit the website.

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