Use of Medicated Oil

Not only is it antipruritic! The six functions of medicated oil are practical.


Unfortunately, summer is the best time to go on a vacation. If you were bitten by mosquitoes, and it causes itchiness, apply a few drops of medicated oil; or after working for a long hour, and you feel sleepy and dizzy, take some medicated oil and sniff it a few times; if you feel dizzy and nauseous in the car, no problem, just put some medicated oil on your forehead.


Medicated oils are a savior in many households. They are cheap, easy to use and, most importantly, have many useful functions.


Main compounds in medicated oil that are beneficial

  1. Menthol

If the concentration is low (<2%), it triggers the body’s cold-sensitive receptors, stimulating the cooling sensation on the skin. However, in higher concentration, it may cause irritation and even chemical burns.

  1. Methyl salicylate

Topical pain medicines that act as a counter-irritation and local analgesics. It relieves musculoskeletal pains by promoting irritation and reddening by dilating the blood vessels and increased the blood flow.  


  1. Camphor

Topical application can relieve pain, congestion, coughing, heal burns, treat arthritis & toenail fungus, as well as act as an antispasmodic. It also can as anti-pruritic, and surface anesthetic. However, ingestion of camphor will cause severe toxic effect mainly targeting CNS and kidneys. Inhalation in infants can cause instant collapse.


  1. Eucalyptus oil

Ease catarrhal cold, and minor muscular sprains & cramps. It has topical antisepsis & anti-inflammatory properties. Ingestion can cause serious health issue.



  1. Eugenol (Clove oil)

 This ingredient has the smell of caryophyllus musk, and is used in many blends of makeup, soap, edible and other flavors. It has anti-microbial, pain reliever, ease digestive upset, and also relieve respiratory condition.



            Medicated oil used

  1. Clean your phone

In the twenty-first century, mobile phone use is required for all ages. But the most common problem people face when owning a mobile phone is fingerprints on the screen, as this can spoil the beauty of the mobile. To solve this issue, you might just wipe with a paper towel, but after a few seconds to minutes, it will reappear again. However, to combat this issue for a longer duration, you can try using medicated oil. Just add 2 drop o medicated oil on the phone screen, then wipe it using a paper towel.


  1. Remove sticky smell

Shoes that have been worn for so long can cause a sweaty smell, and it is very unpleasant to wear again. However, to instantly remove the smell, you can add a few drops of medicated oil to the shoes. Not just that, you can remove the nasty smells and prevent mildew growth from the shoe rack by simply adding a few drops of medicated oil to a paper towel, kneading it into a ball, and leaving it there.

  1. Remove stains and scratches

Did you accidentally spill pen ink on your clothes? Is the glue stain on the items where the sticker label has been ripped off hard to remove? No worries, you can use medicated oils to remove them. Besides, you can also remove scuff marks on shoes using medicated oil.


  1. Relieve diarrhoea

Sleeping with both air-conditioning and fans on at night during summer, and not covering your stomach, can easily cause diarrhoea. To relieve the symptoms of diarrhoea, you can apply a few drops of medicated oil around the navel. In addition, you can also apply medicated oil if you have muscle pain or headaches that are caused by a cold.


  1. Anti-mosquito, prickly heat (heat rashes)

When taking a bath, add a few drops of medicated oil to the water. This can help to remove heat rashes as well as help prevent mosquito bites. Other than that, medicated oil can be used to cool down and refresh a hot room while at the same time repelling mosquitoes. Your steps are quite simple; you just have to put a few drops of the oil on the centre (spongy pad) of a Band-Aid. Then, paste the Band-Aid on the table’s front guard. There you go! It’s cheap, convenient, and easy.

  1. Rhinitis

When you are having nasal blockage due to a cold, medicated oil can be used to relieve these symptoms by applying a few drops of medicated oil on both sides of the nose wing using a cotton swab, then gently rubbing the index fingers of both hands until it becomes slightly warm. This simple remedy that will just take a few minutes can slowly relieve you from the blockage.


Special group of people should use medicated oil with caution


For instance, camphor can be harmful to certain groups of people, including pregnant women, infants, and young children. This compound primarily combines with the glucose phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme in the blood. However, in a healthy human being, it will be excreted from the body without causing any serious effects.

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