Solar Panels Cleaning Tips

Solar Panels Cleaning Tips

Alternative solutions of keeping solar panels clean and efficient rather than frequent cleaning.

  • Special coating for glass to repel dust and reduce soiling.
  • Cleaning using robotic device (using soft brushes and air blowers), which will be done at night without using water.
  • Install special tool to estimate dirt level-helps to monitor the amount of dirt built-up.

For DIY minded you, you can use dish washing detergent, normal water pressure hose, and a sponge. But keep in mind, the last thing you want when cleaning is scratches on the glass of the panel. These scratches can damage the panels and can affect the overall energy production. In a rare occasion, oil stain may also appear on the panels. However, the chances are a bit higher if the location situated at the common truck route or an airport. To solve this issue, all you need is some isopropyl and a cloth.

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