What is the need of Post Construction Cleaning Services?

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It is clear from the word “Post Construction Cleaning Services” that this cleaning is done after the construction phase. A building contractor may clear up debris in general, but meticulous cleaning is no longer part of their scope of work. This type of cleaning doesn’t only involve sweeping the floor, cleaning the carpet, and other obvious areas; it involves cleaning the entire facility from top to bottom.

Cleaning Services

The following are some of the Post Construction Cleaning obligations that must be met:

  1. The walls are spotless and free of smudges, stains, and grime.
  2. Power washing and window and frame cleaning
  3. Taking off plastic and stickers off furniture, windows, and doors
  4. Dusting of ceilings, lighting, fans, and heaters, both wet and dry
  5. Clean and polished floors that are debris-free, especially in the edges and corners
  6. The vacuuming
  7. trimming up
  8. cleansing the threshold
  9. cleaning of all furniture, shelves, and cupboards, both inside and out
  10. proper waste and debris disposal
  11. addressing any safety concerns, leaks, and unsecured wires with the building contractors

Once the entire cleaning process is complete, a thorough inspection of every area, corner, and interior surface should be performed.

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